Emily - aged 17 - recent 'A' level student

"As I started getting closer to finishing my A levels, I realised I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next!  I had always thought I would go to University like my sister, but was a bit worried about the cost so I started wondering if there were other options.  Sarah helped me to clarify what I really wanted - what was important to me, and what I enjoyed doing which made it clearer that I was actually ready to start my career (and I didn't need a degree to do it!).  I am starting an Apprenticeship in September and even though lots of my friends chose to go to University, I am looking forward to having some money of my own and getting a head start with my career.  Sarah was really fun to work with, and definitely helped me to make my decision as I was a bit lost!"


Stuart - Dad to Year 13 student, completing A levels 

My 17 year old son, Murray, whilst studying for his A levels, was very keen to get a Degree apprenticeship as an engineer in the automotive industry and his absolute dream job was with Jaguar Land Rover. He had all the right skills with design ability, maths, physics and passion - but was lacking confidence to face the tough process and hefty competition to secure a place!


Sarah helped with the application process, ensuring he applied for a range of Apprentice roles and also applied for University places as a back up. She helped him hone his CV, write his personal statement and complete the various forms that were required, and then worked on his interview technique greatly increasing his confidence - the mock interview really highlighted areas where he needed to focus.


As a result, Murray landed his dream Degree Apprentice job with Jaguar LandRover! I think Sarah played a big part in his achievement and I cannot thank Sarah enough for her help. She really got under the skin of what made Murray tick and how to best bring out his ability in the context of the role he was applying for. 


Sue - Mum of 20 year old University student

"Thank you so much for all your help with Ruby and her early career search. Although she is very bright, that's not enough to secure a place on a good graduate programme in today's competitive environment.  You really helped with her confidence and technique. We also appreciate the mentoring you gave Ruby after her formal career counselling sessions ended.  We are absolutely thrilled!! "


Cornelia - Mum of 16 year old GCSE student

"Sarah was extremely helpful supporting my son choosing the right A level subjects.  He was very uncertain for a long time and with so much information available online, it can be more confusing than helpful. We found Sarah very approachable, and professional. It can be like pulling teeth sometimes dealing with teenages, but my son came back very positive and found Sarah very easy to talk to. We would highly recommend StudentSpringboard and will use Sarah again in the future!'  


Melissa - Mum of A level student

 "Sarah was an amazingly positive influence during a time of much confusion for our son.  She encouraged him to focus on where he saw himself in the future rather than just the courses he was applying for. He reassessed what he wanted to achieve and went for a degree course more aligned to his passion and creativity. He received an unconditional offer for a place at his first choice University! Thank you Sarah, he wouldn't have had the confidence to 'think outside the box' without your help!"


Charlie - 20 year old Penultimate year student, Oxford Brookes University

"I was keen to improve my CV so that I could apply for internships whilst I am at university.  Sarah and I worked together both face-to-face and over email to update and enhance my CV; she helped me to tailor my CV for corporate roles and as a result I secured an interview with a global media company.  Sarah also provided some coaching tips for the telephone interview which I was a bit apprehensive about - it was really useful to go through the kinds of questions I could expect to be asked and I felt a lot more prepared for it!  Although I didn't get the job, the feedback was really positive and they asked me to apply again the following year so I am hoping to be successful this time!  Sarah is really knowledgeable and approachable, and I appreciated her honest feedback and advice. "


Louis -23 year old graduate, 1st Class Hons 

I was recommended to get in touch with Sarah by a friend, as I am a recent graduate currently unsure of which career path to take. Sarah gave me lots of really valuable advice including some suggestions of sectors to look into based on my skills and interests. Sarah also provided me some much needed general reassurance regarding job hunting as a graduate, reminding me that my first job need not be the perfect one! Sarah also worked with me on improving my CV, showing me how to best cut it down to an optimum length to be skim read by potential employers, whilst still showing my experiences and key skills. Sarah was extremely helpful, friendly and clearly has a lot of knowledge in this area. After working with Sarah I felt more confident beginning my job search, I would definitely recommend her services!


Vicky - Mum of university aged son

"Since my son has been at University (studying pure Economics), Sarah has worked with him to ensure he keeps his CV up to date with all the activities he is involved with at uni. She has also been able to help him with preparing for interviews which has been invaluable and I think he appreciates being able to talk to someone independent who has a lot of experience in this field. Getting internships and graduate positions is very competitive, so for me as a parent, it’s great to have this kind of advice and support available to help maximise his chances of success.


Matt - Year 13, studying A levels

I have been for a couple of sessions with Sarah as I am so unsure about what to do after finishing my 'A' levels next summer!  I am still considering going to University but I am also now looking at options to become an Apprentice with a large professional services firm - I didn't even know this was an option until I met Sarah!  I know that I need to start applying soon, and I've already starting building my CV with Sarah's help.  She has also given me lots of information and support to help me make my final decision. 


Will - 21 year old Music graduate 

"During our session together, Sarah was extremely helpful and supportive. She has great knowledge to share and gave me some valuable pieces of advice and guidance to get me on track.  Our time spent together was very pro-active and I didn't feel like I'd wasted my money.  She's great at getting straight to the point and concentrating on the things that matter to you.   

After our session we kept in contact and she continued to help and guide me where needed over emails, helping me perfect my covering letters, tailoring them to my chosen job applications and finishing touches to my CV to help make it stand out. 


I would highly recommend Sarah's services to anyone in need of CV doctoring or help with covering letters. She also gave me some great interview tips  and an honest opinion when needed! 


Sophie - 29 year old mature student

Sarah provided me with some coaching and career advice this month, especially when I was thinking about a number of choices and options in my career and personal life. She was highly professional and approachable and helped me to bring some clarity to my thinking. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sarah! 


Kirsty - 19 year old - gap year student

"I was feeling unsure about what to do after I completed my A levels - I could either go to Uni (I had a deferred place to stydy Psychology) or start an Apprenticeship. Sarah and I spent our first couple of sessions exploring what was important to me for my future in terms of a career/employer, as well as thinking about my 'strengths' and interests and how they could relate to the world of work.  We decided to apply for Appprenticeships but also to continue looking at more relevant degree courses, combining my love for fashion and psychology.  

With Sarah's help I felt much more prepared for the apprenticeship selection process.  Doing mock interviews and thinking through my potential scenarios helped to calm my nerves and made the whole experience much less daunting.  She upped my confidence in my own abilities, and has continued to support me on my career journey.  I would definitely say that time with her was well spent!  

Finally, I was offered a place on a Psychology of Fashion course which have decided to accept in September - I know exploring all my options helped me to reach this decision."


Ruth - Professional - seeking career and CV advice to change career

"I would definitely recommend CareerSpringboard! Sarah was a delightful person who put me at ease and gave me the confidence to start afresh. Thank you!"


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