Further Education & Early Careers for 16+


Life beyond GCSE's can feel pretty daunting for both students and their parents - a world of increasingly confusing options and pressures to go to University or get on the 'career ladder'.  Even for those who are clear about what they want to do,  the application and assessment processes used by schools, universities and employers can be overwhelming. 


StudentSpringboard helps students of all ages and stages to identify, plan and effectively prepare for the 'next steps' in their further education or early career. 

  • EXPLORE all options and avenues to make the right Higher/Further Education and Early Career choices
  • PREPARE effectively for applications, interviews and assessment centres (Sixth Form, University and Student/Graduate Employment)
  • INCREASE confidence and success outcomes in all aspects of the selection process

Whether a client needs help to choose their 'A' levels, select a suitable University or degree course, prepare a Personal Statement or write a first CV,  or wants to prepare for internship, Apprenticeship or graduate job interviews and assessments, I offer a personalised service, tailoring packages to suit each individual's needs.    


With over 20 years’ experience of managing several ‘blue-chip’ student/graduate recruitment departments (thus understanding the employers perspective), a genuine passion for helping people make and achieve the right education and early career choices and a solid track record of success with my Springboard clients,  I have a unique blend of skills to help you fulfil your potential. 


** For non-students - see CareerSpringboard!**




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