Alice - mum of recent Durham graduate

Just wanted to say how amazing Sarah is. My daughter has now secured a job thanks to Sarah's coaching and encouragement. I highly recommend Sarah for any uni student not sure which direction to go in after graduating. 5 stars!!! 


Mihaela - mum of Upper Sixth student

Thank you again for all your support! It was so useful to get your experienced opinion on the structure and flow of the PS, what to remove and keep, and on the best points Olly should focus on. Olly (and I!) felt completely overwhelmed at the beginning on how to write this very important document. Your support gave him the confidence to get it completed and be happy about it!


Evie - graduate job seeker 

Sarah has been a tremendous help with my CV, presentation and interview for  a job which I have been successful in! It would never have hapened if it wasn't for Sarah! Sarah made tie for me whenever I needed it and built my confidence to go into the interview feeling excited, and with the preparation I needed! Thank you so much!! 



Caroline - mum of Upper Sixth student

Just a note to say thanks so much for working with Fabian on his personal statement.  I understand he’s submitted it to school and just waiting for his reference to be written prior to being submitted.  Thank you for keeping on his case as he didn’t want to listen whenever I mentioned it or offered help so hopefully your influence will result in some university offers!


Jon - Dad of recent graduate

‘Sarah - thanks for all the help and guidance you gave to my son. Whilst he had a reasonable idea about a career path, the practical tips and assistance you gave on updating his CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile etc together with the assurance he was following the right path and overall increased confidence, undoubtedly contributed to James securing a graduate scheme in his chosen field. In these challenging times, with the increased competition for fewer roles, it gave him a much needed edge.’


Mia - 17 year old school leaver

"Your help was amazing. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help. You were very helpful and supportive throughout, and helped motivate me to apply and keep a positive attitude!"


James - Upper Sixth Student

“I just wanted to say that I’ve received offers from all universities I applied for, except St Andrews who I am still waiting on!  Thank you so much for all your help!  I really appreciated the initial mind-mapping and planning and your subsequent opinions and edits on my Personal Statement and I also found all your coaching really useful to help me identify which courses would best suit me – I have much more direction about what I now want to do in the future.  I would happily recommend you to others who are unsure about the future options after Sixth Form!”


Amanda - Mum of 17 year old daughter

"I was dreading having to help my teenager go through the process of choosing universities and courses. I didn't know where to start and was getting very stressed at arguments between myself and my daughter as she was never receptive to any suggestion I made! Thank god for Sarah!!!!!!!! I asked Sarah to find out from my daughter what help she needed.  Sarah was very thorough in her investigation and has helped my daughter (and me!) so much and given her the confidence to apply.  Sarah was also able to help my daughter with the UCAS application and Personal Statement so in all honesty for me it has been a breeze! Money well spent and I will always be grateful to Sarah for her help.  I would highly recommend her services. Thank you x" 


Harriet - Upper Sixth student

Sarah came at the perfect time, when I was beginning to seriously think about what I wanted to do with my future. I was torn between many options and didn’t know what route was best. Sarah was great at weighing up my options and getting me to look into courses/apprenticeships that I may never have without her brilliant research and knowledge. Sarah was also helpful a few months later after our meetings, when she offered me some support with my personal statement making it the best it could be! I would highly recommended Sarah If you are unsure of what routes to take. She is easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable enabling you to discuss all options. Sarah really takes the time to get to know you and what will suit you best, as well as giving good tips for writing personal statements.


Paula - mum of Upper Sixth student

I just wanted to thank you for helping Charlie crystallise his thoughts and translate them into his Personal Statement for his UCAS application. It definitely took the pain out of the process ! Having you steer him in the right direction meant that my job was much easier,  he was very engaged in the production of his statement and was delighted with the end result ! Many thanks again


Claire - Final year University student

Thank you so much for all your help. It has helped me to boost my confidence and understand what interviewers are really asking. The help with my CV has been incredible and the progress it has made is astounding - I really appreciate all your help! 


Jeremy - dad of Year 11 student

We just wanted to thank you for the time & due diligence you spent with Charlie, helping direct him and explaining his options available.  As you know we were concerned as to what college he will go to for his A levels and what subjects he will be best to take and his future after that. We both had no idea how to analyse the course options and grades required. It was a relief for us to be detached from this allowing him to chat to you privately. Whilst it was not easy getting him there, once he was with you he warmed up and you got more out of him than we have done in the last 16 years! 

Joking aside thank you for helping us all focus on his future, his targeted grades and the best suited colleges for him to apply too.  Great value and no doubt we will be in touch when it comes to his university choices in a couple of years. 


Lucy - graduate job seeker 

Hi Sarah Hope you’re well!   I just wanted to let you know that I’ve signed my contact for the Unilever Digital Marketing Degree apprenticeship.  Thank you so much for all your help with my CV and all the tips you gave me for my application I really appreciate it - you were so helpful!


Alice - graduate job seeker 

"Before attending Sarah's sessions, I felt daunted by the prospects of applying for jobs and lacked confidence in myself and my job search. After the sessions, I gained both confidence and a greater sense of direction. Sarah helped me to think of new industries to explore which matched my skills and interests and helped me develop a greater understanding of the job opportunities out there. I left the sessions with a cv and cover letter that I felt proud to submit and with the tools to tailor it for specific roles. After my sessions, Sarah was only an email away if I had queries about opportunities that arose and went out of her way to give me advice and direct me to helpful resources. The most valuable thing that I've taken from this experience, is gaining confidence in myself and feeling less isolated during what can be a scary and gruelling process."


Esther - mum of A level student

My son recently attended the Student CV Workshop run by StudentSpringboard. Sarah worked with him to identify key areas for development on his CV, and provided him with a clear understanding of what employers are looking and how to make his CV stand out to them. She gave some excellent advice and guidance, as well as useful resources to use. We would definitely recommend Student Springboard and would be happy to use them again in the future.


Elliot - recent participant on CV workshop

The workshop was really useful in helping me develop my CV writing skills and gave me a good perspective on how to write in order to attract a potential employer. 


Marlise - mum of penultimate year University student

Sarah has been really helpful in giving guidance to my daughter who is in her second year at University.  She is not really sure what path she wants to follow on graduating, but Sarah has really helped her focus her ideas.  This Summer, on Sarah's advice (with a lack of internships and work experience available due to Covid 19), she is going to complete a virtual internship experience.  Sarah has also offered her valuable advice on how to best present herself in her CV. 


Maddy - penultimate year University student

Sarah was really helpful when I was fine tuning my CV, her input helped me feel much more confident when I applied for jobs and internships. In addition, she gave me very informative career advice allowing me to look at my personal strengths and interests, and then career options that would be best suited to me. This summer, Sarah put me in contact with DAZN for a weeks work experience, a new and upcoming sports streaming company. The week I had here was extremely beneficial and gave me the opportunity to speak to many different employees at the business to find out what goes on behind the scenes. Thank you Sarah. 


Joe - recent graduate 

During my last year at university I was still unsure of what career path to follow, I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go in and was very nervous about not having anything prepared after uni had finished. My mum found Sarah online due to her amazing reviews and from my first phone call with Sarah I completely understood why she is one of the best in the business. Even during our first phone call I felt so relaxed talking to Sarah and could tell her everything about my struggles of trying to find a career path, alongside what I felt I wanted to do after university and where I thought I could best use my skills. Sarah always put my thoughts and decisions first and really wanted to help me pursue the perfect career path. Sarah helped build my confidence so much through the workshops we had together. I paid for the full package as I needed help on career choices, confidence building and interview practice and Sarah really made sure that I excelled in every situation. The interview practice really helped me understand what a normal interview would be like. Sarah used to work in the recruitment process for Deloitte so her expertise is second to none, she knows the ins and outs of interviews, the types of questions that would come up, the way they would phrase the question, the type of body language to use, the way in which you set out your answer. All of this information was so invaluable and helped me secure the job I really wanted in my first try without any rejections. The interview process with Sarah is quite gruelling as she asks you many questions in an hour but Sarah is so easy to speak to and it sets you up so well for actual interviews because they are a lot easier to handle, once you have gone through the interview with Sarah, I promise you every other interview you have in the future is a piece of cake and that is because after Sarah goes through the interview with you and refines every point to make sure you are flawless! I can’t honestly thank Sarah enough for the amount of time she put into me and my constant nagging, she is a wonderful women that genuinely wants all her pupils to succeed and do the best they possibly can whilst understanding what they truly want to achieve. 


Joanne - mum of 18 year old Degree Apprentice applicant

After applying unsuccessfully for a few Degree Apprenticeships my daughter had sessions with Sarah.  She returned from each session positive and focused on her search.  Her CV was updated and she was given direction in which field best suited her qualities. She spoke highly of Sarah and continued to liaise with her about applications and assessments even after the final session. The job market is extremely competitive for school leavers especially the elusive Degree Apprenticeships. I believe the sessions with Sarah gave my daughter confidence and direction, along with helpful application and interview tips.  Such a worthwhile investment in my daughter's future career, as within weeks she had secured a job with a reputable company to undertake a Degree Apprenticeship.  Thank  you Sarah!


Jayne - mum of 20 year old recent graduate

When my son was midway through his second year at university he started applying for internships for the summer. He was applying for all sorts of things randomly without having a strategy or an end goal other than he wanted an internship in business. Having seen a recommendation for Sarah on a Facebook group I contacted her as I felt Joe would benefit from career mapping and coaching so that any future applications were choiceful and targeted. 


Together they agreed on a bespoke programme that has culminated in Joe choosing accountancy as his career path. Working with Sarah definitely gave Joe the skills  and confidence that  have lead to him taking up a position where he will train for his ACA qualification. 


I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, not only is she super knowledgable but she took the time to understand what Joe was all about . She guided and coached him throughout and was such a positive influence that I honestly believe anyone that works with Sarah is certain to succeed in whatever it is they have chosen to go for. 


Martha - 17 year old A level student

The sessions were so useful in helping me to find a course at university that I would love to do. Sarah gave me so many great suggestions and advice and even outside the sessions her extra work and help was so helpful. Sarah was so easy and comfortable to talk to and was always flexible with when we could catch up. I know for sure I would still be completely confused by my future without her help.


Jem - 17 year old A level student 

I found working with Sarah extremely helpful and informative. She consulted exactly what I wanted to get out of the sessions and feedback. All my feedback was thorough and useful in redrafting my personal statement to a high standard.  Thank you so much!


James - dad of 17 year old Higher Apprentice applicant

'My son Sam, was in need of interview practice to boost his confidence prior to attending an apprenticeship assessment day. Sarah conducted a mock interview that was recorded via video, she gave constructive and positive feedback that was invaluable to Sam, and greatly increased his confidence. Being able to practice interview technique in a 'safe' environment, make mistakes, develop methods of coping with difficult questions was very helpful. Having the benefit of a recorded interview allowed both Sarah and Sam to review and target specific development areas. Sarah has a breadth and depth of experience in this field, and both her professionalism and her genuine interest in Sam and his success shone through. I would highly recommend the services of student-springboard.'


Paige - mum of 16 year old Sixth form Academic Scholarship applicant

“Our daughter was invited for a scholarship interview for her chosen 6th form school. As a very shy person with no interview experience it was the part she was most worried about and we were recommended Sarah from Spring Board as someone who could help her. Sarah was able to coach our daughter over a couple of short sessions on techniques for this type of interview, the sort of questions she might be asked and how she could prepare herself. This gave her much needed confidence when the interview came and am delighted to say that she had a successful outcome. Thank you Sarah for your support!” 


Kayleigh - Sixth form Academic Scholarship applicant

“Sarah helped me prepare for my scholarship interview to 6th form college, something I was very anxious about. She was so inspiring and helped me plan and prepare and gave me tools which gave me a lot of extra confidence on the day. The interview went really well and Sarah's support was invaluable.” 


Emily - aged 17 - recent 'A' level student

"As I started getting closer to finishing my A levels, I realised I wasn't sure what I wanted to do next!  I had always thought I would go to University like my sister, but was a bit worried about the cost so I started wondering if there were other options.  Sarah helped me to clarify what I really wanted - what was important to me, and what I enjoyed doing which made it clearer that I was actually ready to start my career (and I didn't need a degree to do it!).  I am starting an Apprenticeship in September and even though lots of my friends chose to go to University, I am looking forward to having some money of my own and getting a head start with my career.  Sarah was really fun to work with, and definitely helped me to make my decision as I was a bit lost!"


Stuart - Dad to Year 13 student, completing A levels 

My 17 year old son, Murray, whilst studying for his A levels, was very keen to get a Degree apprenticeship as an engineer in the automotive industry and his absolute dream job was with Jaguar Land Rover. He had all the right skills with design ability, maths, physics and passion - but was lacking confidence to face the tough process and hefty competition to secure a place!


Sarah helped with the application process, ensuring he applied for a range of Apprentice roles and also applied for University places as a back up. She helped him hone his CV, write his personal statement and complete the various forms that were required, and then worked on his interview technique greatly increasing his confidence - the mock interview really highlighted areas where he needed to focus.


As a result, Murray landed his dream Degree Apprentice job with Jaguar LandRover! I think Sarah played a big part in his achievement and I cannot thank Sarah enough for her help. She really got under the skin of what made Murray tick and how to best bring out his ability in the context of the role he was applying for. 


Sue - Mum of 20 year old University student

"Thank you so much for all your help with Ruby and her early career search. Although she is very bright, that's not enough to secure a place on a good graduate programme in today's competitive environment.  You really helped with her confidence and technique. We also appreciate the mentoring you gave Ruby after her formal career counselling sessions ended.  We are absolutely thrilled!! "


Cornelia - Mum of 16 year old GCSE student

"Sarah was extremely helpful supporting my son choosing the right A level subjects.  He was very uncertain for a long time and with so much information available online, it can be more confusing than helpful. We found Sarah very approachable, and professional. It can be like pulling teeth sometimes dealing with teenages, but my son came back very positive and found Sarah very easy to talk to. We would highly recommend StudentSpringboard and will use Sarah again in the future!'  


Melissa - Mum of A level student

 "Sarah was an amazingly positive influence during a time of much confusion for our son.  She encouraged him to focus on where he saw himself in the future rather than just the courses he was applying for. He reassessed what he wanted to achieve and went for a degree course more aligned to his passion and creativity. He received an unconditional offer for a place at his first choice University! Thank you Sarah, he wouldn't have had the confidence to 'think outside the box' without your help!"


Charlie - 20 year old Penultimate year student, Oxford Brookes University

"I was keen to improve my CV so that I could apply for internships whilst I am at university.  Sarah and I worked together both face-to-face and over email to update and enhance my CV; she helped me to tailor my CV for corporate roles and as a result I secured an interview with a global media company.  Sarah also provided some coaching tips for the telephone interview which I was a bit apprehensive about - it was really useful to go through the kinds of questions I could expect to be asked and I felt a lot more prepared for it!  Although I didn't get the job, the feedback was really positive and they asked me to apply again the following year so I am hoping to be successful this time!  Sarah is really knowledgeable and approachable, and I appreciated her honest feedback and advice. "


Louis -23 year old graduate, 1st Class Hons 

I was recommended to get in touch with Sarah by a friend, as I am a recent graduate currently unsure of which career path to take. Sarah gave me lots of really valuable advice including some suggestions of sectors to look into based on my skills and interests. Sarah also provided me some much needed general reassurance regarding job hunting as a graduate, reminding me that my first job need not be the perfect one! Sarah also worked with me on improving my CV, showing me how to best cut it down to an optimum length to be skim read by potential employers, whilst still showing my experiences and key skills. Sarah was extremely helpful, friendly and clearly has a lot of knowledge in this area. After working with Sarah I felt more confident beginning my job search, I would definitely recommend her services!


Vicky - Mum of university aged son

"Since my son has been at University (studying pure Economics), Sarah has worked with him to ensure he keeps his CV up to date with all the activities he is involved with at uni. She has also been able to help him with preparing for interviews which has been invaluable and I think he appreciates being able to talk to someone independent who has a lot of experience in this field. Getting internships and graduate positions is very competitive, so for me as a parent, it’s great to have this kind of advice and support available to help maximise his chances of success.


Matt - Year 13, studying A levels

I have been for a couple of sessions with Sarah as I am so unsure about what to do after finishing my 'A' levels next summer!  I am still considering going to University but I am also now looking at options to become an Apprentice with a large professional services firm - I didn't even know this was an option until I met Sarah!  I know that I need to start applying soon, and I've already starting building my CV with Sarah's help.  She has also given me lots of information and support to help me make my final decision. 


Will - 21 year old Music graduate 

"During our session together, Sarah was extremely helpful and supportive. She has great knowledge to share and gave me some valuable pieces of advice and guidance to get me on track.  Our time spent together was very pro-active and I didn't feel like I'd wasted my money.  She's great at getting straight to the point and concentrating on the things that matter to you.   

After our session we kept in contact and she continued to help and guide me where needed over emails, helping me perfect my covering letters, tailoring them to my chosen job applications and finishing touches to my CV to help make it stand out. 


I would highly recommend Sarah's services to anyone in need of CV doctoring or help with covering letters. She also gave me some great interview tips  and an honest opinion when needed! 


Sophie - 29 year old mature student

Sarah provided me with some coaching and career advice this month, especially when I was thinking about a number of choices and options in my career and personal life. She was highly professional and approachable and helped me to bring some clarity to my thinking. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Sarah! 


Kirsty - 19 year old - gap year student

"I was feeling unsure about what to do after I completed my A levels - I could either go to Uni (I had a deferred place to stydy Psychology) or start an Apprenticeship. Sarah and I spent our first couple of sessions exploring what was important to me for my future in terms of a career/employer, as well as thinking about my 'strengths' and interests and how they could relate to the world of work.  We decided to apply for Appprenticeships but also to continue looking at more relevant degree courses, combining my love for fashion and psychology.  

With Sarah's help I felt much more prepared for the apprenticeship selection process.  Doing mock interviews and thinking through my potential scenarios helped to calm my nerves and made the whole experience much less daunting.  She upped my confidence in my own abilities, and has continued to support me on my career journey.  I would definitely say that time with her was well spent!  

Finally, I was offered a place on a Psychology of Fashion course which have decided to accept in September - I know exploring all my options helped me to reach this decision."


Ruth - Professional - seeking career and CV advice to change career

"I would definitely recommend CareerSpringboard! Sarah was a delightful person who put me at ease and gave me the confidence to start afresh. Thank you!"


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